split split (splĭt) verbsplit, splitting, splitsverb, transitive1. To divide from end to kết thúc or along the grain by or as if by a sharp blow. See synonyms at tear1. 2. a. Khổng lồ break, burst, or rip apart with force; rend. See synonyms at break. B. To affect with force in a way that suggests tearing apart: A lightning bolt split the night sky.3. To separate (people or groups, for example); disunite. 4. To divide and share: split a dessert. 5. To divide, as for convenience or proper ordering: split the project up into stages. 6. To separate (leather, for example) into layers. 7. To mark (a vote or ballot) in favor of candidates from different parties. 8. To divide (stock) by issuing multiples of the existing stock with a corresponding reduction in the price of each share, so that the total value of the stock is unchanged. 9. Sports. To lớn win half the games of (a series or double-header). 10. Slang. Lớn depart from; leave: They split Miami when the hurricane was forecast. Verb, intransitive1. To become separated into parts, especially lớn undergo lengthwise division. 2. To become broken or ripped apart, especially from internal pressure. 3. To become or admit of being divided: Let"s split up into teams. This poem doesn"t split up into stanzas very well. 4. Informal. To become divided or part company as a result of discord or disagreement: She split with the regular tiệc nhỏ organization. They split up after a year of marriage. 5. To divide or share something with others. 6. Slang. To lớn depart; leave: All the older kids have split lớn go dancing. Noun1. The act of splitting or the result of it. 2. A breach or rupture in a group. 3. A splinter. 4. Something divided và portioned out; a share. 5. A strip of flexible wood used for making baskets. 6. a. A bottle of an alcoholic or carbonated beverage half the usual size. B. A drink of half the usual quantity. C. A half pint.7. A dessert of sliced fruit, ice cream, & toppings. 8. Often splits Sports. An acrobatic feat in which the legs are stretched out straight in opposite directions at right angles lớn the trunk. 9. Sports. An arrangement of bowling pins left standing after a bowl, in which two or more pins remain standing with one or more pins between them knocked down. 10. A single thickness of a split hide. Adjective1. Having been divided or separated. 2. Fissured longitudinally; cleft. 3. a. Quoted in 16ths rather than in 8ths. Used of stocks. B. Having been split. Used of stocks. Idiom.split hairsTo see or make trivial distinctions; quibble. splitʹter noun

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splitsplit(adj) riven (literary), torn apart, torn asunder (formal), divided, rent asunder (formal), fragmentedantonym: unitedsplit(n) splitting, ripping, tearing, cracking, rupture, separation crack, division, rift, rent, break tear, hole, rip, crack, fissure, opening difference, breach, breakup, divergence, riftantonym: reconciliation