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< + obj + adj > Far from improving things, the new law has left many people worse off (= they are now in a worse situation) than before.
If you leave something in a particular condition, you vày not cảm ứng it, move it, or act lớn change it in any way, so that it stays in the same condition:
If you leave something or someone doing something, he, she, or it is still doing it when you go away:
If something or someone is left, they remain after the rest of the things or people have gone or been used:
Could we leave that subject (= stop discussing that subject) for the moment and go on to lớn the next nhà cửa on the agenda?
To leave a wife, husband, or other close family member is khổng lồ die while these family members are still alive:
to allow someone to lớn make a choice or decision about something, or to make someone responsible for something:
to allow someone khổng lồ make a choice or decision about something, or khổng lồ make someone responsible for something:
time permitted away from work, esp. For a medical condition or illness or for some other special purpose:
a period of time that someone is allowed away from work for holiday, illness, or another special reason:
be/go on leave from sth Benefits will need lớn be adjusted when an employee is on leave from their job.

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to be told khổng lồ take time away from work, usually because you have been accused of doing something wrong:
The director of financial aid was recently placed on leave for accepting consulting fees from a loan company.
But the momentous weight of national security decisions militates against leaving such matters khổng lồ chance.
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a room or building that is used for showing works of art, sometimes so that they can be sold

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