camel toes

the folds of the vagina revealed by tight jeans When Betty wears her old jeans you can see her camel toes.

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dip one"s toes into

dip one"s toes into Also, get one"s toes into or wet. Begin to vị something novel or unfamiliar, as in I have been dipping my toes into Asian cooking, or She"s eager to go to lớn Europe và has been getting her toes wet by getting travel information. Also see get one"s feet wet.

Dip your toes in the water

If you dip your toes in the water, you try something tentatively because you are not sure whether it will work or not.

keep on one"s toes

Idiom(s): keep on one"s toesTheme: ALERTNESSto stay alert and watchful.• If you want lớn be a success at this job, you will have to keep on your toes.• Please keep on your toes and report anything strange that you see.

Keep someone on their toes

If you keep someone on their toes, you make sure that they concentrate on what they are supposed lớn do.

Make your toes curl

If something makes your toes curl, it makes you feel very uncomfortable, shocked or embarrassed.

Meat & potatoes

The meat và potatoes is the most important part of something. A meat và potatoes person is someone who prefers plain things khổng lồ fancy ones.


Idiom(s): meat-and-potatoes
Theme: BASICbasic, sturdy, & hearty. (Often refers to a robust person, usually a man, with simple tastes in food and other things. Fixed order.)• Fred was your meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. No creamy sauces for him.• There is no point in trying lớn cook up something special for the Wilsons. They are strictly meat-and-potatoes.

on one"s toes

alert;ready to lớn act机警;准备去做A good ball player is always on his toes.好的球员总是很机警的。

on one"s toes|on|toe|toes

adj. Phr., informal Alert; ready khổng lồ act. The successful ball player is always on his toes. Compare: HEADS-UP, ON THE BALL.

on your toes

ready, alert I have to lớn be on my toes in her class. I have to lớn listen và think.

small potatoes

unimportant things, insignificant matters Don"t worry about a few broken dishes. They"re small potatoes.

step on one"s toes

Idiom(s): step on one"s toes
Theme: OFFENSIVEto interfere with or offend someone. (Note the example with anyone.)• When you re in public office, you have khổng lồ avoid stepping on anyone"s toes.• Ann stepped on someone"s toes during the last campaign and lost the election.

step on one"s toes|step|toe|toes|tread|tread on on

v. Phr. To vì something that embarrasses or offends someone else. If you break in when other people are talking, you may step on their toes. Mary is pretty, and she often treads on the toes of the girls by stealing their boyfriend.

Step on someone"s toes

If you step on someone"s toes, you upset them, especially if you vị something that they should be in charge of.

step on their toes

offend them, upset them When I mentioned their debt, did I step on their toes?

Tread on someone"s toes

If you tread on someone"s toes, you upset them, especially if you do something that they should be in charge of.

turn up one"s toes

Idiom(s): turn up one"s toes
Theme: DAYDREAMto die. (Slang.)• When I turn up my toes, I want a big funeral with lots of flowers.• Our cát turned up his toes during the night. He was nearly ten years old.

Turn up one"s toes khổng lồ the daisies

If someone has turned up their toes to the daisies, it means that the person died.

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turn up one"s toes|toe|toes|turn up

v. Phr., slang to die. One morning the children found that their pet mouse had turned up his toes, so they had a funeral for him. Compare: PUSH UP THE DAISIES.

with bells on one"s toes

Idiom(s): with bells on (one"s toes)
Theme: DRYNESSeagerly, willingly, and on time.• Oh, yes! I"ll meet you at the restaurant. I"ll be there with bells on.• All the smiling children were there waiting for me with bells on their toes.

keep (one) on (one"s) toes

To force someone to lớn stay active, alert, and focused on something or someone. Having two kids under age five sure keeps me on my toes!Learn more: keep, on, toe

keep somebody on their ˈtoes

(informal) make sure that somebody is ready to deal with anything that might happen by doing things that they are not expecting: Regular surprise visits help lớn keep the staff on their toes. ♢ This job really keeps me on my toes.Learn more: keep, on, somebody, toeLearn more:

Arraywith one hand tied behind one"s back with no strings attached with hat in hand with every other breath with each passing day with bells on one"s toes with all one"s heart and soul with a heavy heart wish sth off on wise up to lớn wise as an owl keep out of the way keep out of the/(one's) way Keep out of this! keep out of trouble keep own counsel keep pace keep people straight keep place keep posted keep powder dry keep quiet keep quiet (about something) keep quiet about something keep schtum keep schtum/shtum keep shirt on keep sight of keep sight of (someone or something) keep sight of somebody/something keep smiling keep somebody amused keep somebody at arm's length keep somebody company keep somebody going keep somebody guessing keep somebody on their toes keep somebody posted keep somebody sweet keep somebody waiting keep somebody's seat, etc. Warm keep someone at arm's length keep someone dangling keep someone in the dark keep someone on the hop keep someone or something at arm's length keep someone posted keep someone sweet keep something dark keep something from (someone) keep something in proportion keep something lớn yourself keep something under wraps keep something under your hat keep something warm for someone keep something, stay, etc. Under wraps keep something/someone at bay keep step keep still keep still (about something) keep stum keep tab
- Từ đồng nghĩa, phương pháp dùng từ tương tự Thành ngữ, tục ngữ keep somebody on their toes