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More plugins may be available than those listed below. Look for the Multi-Frame Ready logo on third-party plugin websites.

FxFactory powers a vast collection of visual effects, audio plugins & apps designed for video editors.

Red Giant software tools are primarily plug-ins for video host applications, such as Premiere Pro and After Effects and more . Over the last decade, Red Giant"s products (such as Magic Bullet Suite and Trapcode Suite) have become the standard in film and broadcast post-production.

Trapcode Suite: Particle Simulations and 3D Effects for Motion Graphics & VFX

Magic Bullet: Color correction, finishing và film looks

Universe: Video Transition and effects plugins for editors & motion graphics artistGeneratorsSpectraliciousFractal BackgroundSoft Gradient BackgroundTurbulence NoiseGradient RampEffectsMultitoneGlo Fi IILong ShadowChromatic GlowPoint ZoomRGB SeparationEdge GlowBlurPrism DisplacementMisfireNoir ModerneCompound BlurSpot BlurText TransitionsWarpGlitch TransitionRetrograde TransitionVHS TransitionCarousel TransitionChannel SurfFlicker CutColor MosaicShape WipeLinear WipeClock WipeChannel BlurCamer Shake TransitionExposure Blur TransitionKnoll Light TransitionFilm TransitionSwish PanSpectralicious TransitionTurbulence TransitionDiamond WaveBlindsColor StripeCubeUnfoldSoft Edge WipeInside CubeTriangle WaveRubix CubeDolly FadeFoldSlideUtilitiesModesCamera ShakeSocializeUnmultFisheye FixerPicture in PictureVFX: Keying, tracking, cleanup, & visual effects compositing

RE:Vision Effects has over 19 years of experience in developing software tools & systems designed khổng lồ give motion picture and clip artists creative freedom. The company has been widely acclaimed because of the in-house know-how in video image processing, 2D & 3D graphics và stereo 3 chiều algorithms.

Boris FX is a leading developer of visual effects software và plugins for film, video, và photography creative professionals. 


Cycore Systems has developed some award winning effects such as Final Effects, Studio Effects và Cult Effects that have become the industry standard in the film and video industries. The latest sản phẩm released are Cycore Effects Path Tools và Sphere Utilities. 

CFX Path Tools Rakka Wiggle Stroke CFX Sphere Utilities Mappit MapLine Remap MapDots

Video copilot is a collaborative resource for training, design tools & artists. It develops distinctive and innovative tools that improve the quality and speed of your production while offering freedom & flexibility. 

Neat clip is a clip noise reduction plug-in for After Effects. The plug-in efficiently reduces random noise, film gain, analog interference, flicker, jitter of details and compression artifacts. Neat đoạn clip includes adaptive spatial and temporal filters that together provide the most accurate video noise reduction currently available.

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Rowbyte develops software programs that help artists create beautiful Motion Graphics & realistic Visual Effects. 

The DataClay Templater 3.0 plugin simplifies và accelerates the process of creating customized videos. with a danh sách of your After Effects 2022 & Multi-Frame Rendering supported plugins to be added khổng lồ this list.