Want khổng lồ use không tính tiền Adobe After Effects without paying for a $21-month subscription? Let’s find out how khổng lồ get Adobe After Effects for không tính phí and start testing this visual effects & motion graphics software right now. All you need khổng lồ know about secret dangers of cracked/torrent versions, review the best không lấy phí Adobe After Effects alternatives and tải về free video editing LUTs.

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No matter how many Adobe After Effects torrent files you saw, it’s impossible to lớn download không tính tiền After Effects outright & without subscription. This program is purely professional & is oriented on commercial purposes. The only way you may try and test this visual effects và motion graphics software is download Adobe After Effects Trial.


FREE After Effects Benefits

Adobe integration Large library of downloadable plugins Advanced audio and clip processing VR tư vấn Frequent updates


How much does the full version of After Effects cost?

After Effects is available only on a subscription basis. Adobe After Effects price is $20.99 per month. In addition lớn this program, the subscription includes 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, và Adobe Spark with premium features.

The second subscription plan is Adobe Cloud All Apps for $52.99/month. It includes a collection of 20+ creative desktop and mobile apps including Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, as well as 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, & Premium Spark with premium features.

VIEW PRICES What will happen after the end of the trial period?

When your Adobe After Effects free trial period ends, the program will simply stop running & will require you to lớn subscribe. Adobe would not debit the funds on its own since you did not enter the card data.

VIEW AFTER EFFECTS free TRIAL CONDITIONS Is After Effects an improved Adobe Premiere Pro version?

I’ve heard such a mistaken opinion very often. That is not strange because both programs are created lớn work with đoạn phim post-production. Moreover, their thiết kế is very similar, as well as some functions. But, Premiere Pro is created for video clip editing và has many convenient features for this purpose. At the same time, After Effects is suitable for moving graphics, visual effects và the like. The best choice is to use these programs together.

Why Is It Better lớn Use a Licensed Version than a Pirated One?

You have already learned how khổng lồ get Adobe After Effects for không tính tiền and now let’s discuss why it’s so important khổng lồ get a legal version. It is not surprising that with such a price & capabilities, sooner or later, the hackers will post their cracked version of this program. But still, why do many users prefer khổng lồ choose a license & pay each month than tải về a không lấy phí Adobe After Effects offered on an illegal basis?

Technical support

You can count on the support provided by professionals from the Adobe technical team at any time of the day.

Hackers và viruses protection

Downloading software from the official site, you get a 100% clean & proven product. You may be completely sure that it does not contain any viruses that may damage your computer system. For users who chose Adobe After Effects illegal download, the threat of becoming a victim of viruses increases several times.

Almost 100% of all pirated copies of programs contain changes lớn the original program code. Installing unlicensed Adobe After Effects crack, you never know who & for what purpose it was hacked và what changes could be made to lớn the program code. Different types of malware (for example, viruses, trojans) can be integrated into a pirated program, as the means of the activation bypass.


You do not have lớn be nervous because your computer is slow as it often happens when using pirated copies. The licensed software doesn’t slow down your computer. Working with the pirated After Effects app, you chiến bại time. The tốc độ of pirated versions is often reduced because of many reasons. Quite often, various programs that are posted on the network have additional built-in software. It may be completely unnecessary for the user but is installed without his/her agreement. As a result, it uses system resources slowing down its operation.

RAM YOU NEED FOR đoạn phim EDITING Reliability

You are much less likely to đại bại data if the program fails. With a license, you can work more without worries. The pirated version of the program can turn off in the middle of work. Sometimes it can produce an error which it will be difficult for you khổng lồ cope with because there is no technical support. If stability and reliability are important khổng lồ you, use only legal copies of the software.

UPDATE AFTER EFFECTS miễn phí No risks

4 After Effects miễn phí Alternatives

If you need something more than clip editing but you don’t want to lớn pay for After Effects software, then the best choice would be to lớn use free alternatives to lớn this program.

Start making clip post production lượt thích professionals do.

1. Natron


Natron is an xuất hiện source đoạn clip editor. With relatively little experience, users will be able to edit video footage at a fairly professional level. This application can be Adobe After Effects alternative when choosing serious tools for creating special effects in the video. Natron allows you to work with many types of files and formats. If you need, the functionality of this video editor can be easily extended with xuất hiện FX plug-ins. Although the standard set of functions should be enough lớn perform many tasks. Among other advantages and opportunities, the program allows you to lớn work with high-resolution video, 2K và 4K.

2. BlackMagic kiến thiết Fusion


Blackmagic Fusion (formerly known as Fusion and eyeon Fusion) is an image layout program developed by Blackmagic Design. If After Effects is not suitable for you, then this program can be a nice alternative. Hollywood studios have been creating over a thousand world-famous blockbusters with the help of this software for more than 30 years since its appearance.

The application uses a powerful set of tools with a user-friendly interface. In addition, it provides tư vấn for three-dimensional space và virtual reality, the possibility of network rendering on any number of computers and speeding up of the graphics processor. In Fusion, image post-processing is performed using the node system. This allows you khổng lồ perform compositing, keying, vector drawing và animation in real 3 chiều space, as well as change the playback speed, phối the tracking & image stabilization.

3. Wondershare Filmora Pro

USE FILMORA PRO không lấy phí

If you are only taking the first steps in video clip post production or After Effects seems too difficult for you, then thử nghiệm FilmoraPro. This program contains more than 50 cool effect settings. Thanks khổng lồ them, you get a huge amount of opportunities khổng lồ improve your đoạn clip with special effects. You can modify sharpness, showroom flare, rotate the clip 360 degrees, etc.

The program allows you lớn create animated titles from the inside preset. If you need to địa chỉ more natural effects, then styling, matte cleaner & motion trails will be at your disposal. I’d also lưu ý that this Adobe After Effects alternative supports automatic synchronization of audio & an unlimited number of clip tracks. If you wish, you can apply a vignette effect. This không lấy phí app is incredibly easy lớn work with. Vị not waste your time and start testing its functionality và improve your videos with professional effects.

4. Blender

USE BLENDER không lấy phí

This is another decent alternative to lớn the After Effects app. This open-source software is completely free and able khổng lồ handle many clip editing tasks. Addition of visual effects, the creation of interactive 3d applications và animated graphics, video clip games kiến thiết are among the main features of Blender. Besides, I would like to mention such program functions as UV unwrapping, 3 chiều modeling, texturing, effects simulation, animating, đoạn clip editing and compositing.

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FREE LUTs for After Effects đoạn clip Editing

Download these free đoạn phim editing LUTs for fast màu sắc correction of you đoạn clip footage.