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The August 2022 (22.6) release includes the Keyframe màu sắc Label, Properties Panel (Beta), Selectable Track Matte Layers (Beta), Native H.264 Encoding (Beta), và refreshed Animation and Compositions presets (Beta). It also offers several stability & performance fixes in After Effects. For a complete menu of fixed issues, see Fixed issues.

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Keyframe color Labels

Now you can now assign colors khổng lồ keyframes in your composition. This helps in smooth organization and makes it easy to find important parts of your animation by creating a visual separation of keyframes in the Timeline.


Properties Panel

Create motion graphics quicker và with greater ease using the new Properties Panel. Cut down on your twirl-time by quickly accessing the properties you need the most. It makes working easier with Shape layers, plus basic layer transforms.


Selectable Track Matte Layers

Choose any layer as a track matte using a new drop-down menu in the Modes column. Position the matte layer anywhere in the timeline stack và reuse it multiple times for multiple other layers.

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Native H.264 Encoding

Export your projects quickly with hardware accelerated output and direct rendering of H.264 files from within the Render Queue, eliminating the need khổng lồ export exclusively with media Encoder.

Refreshed Presets

Get over 50 new animation presets created by our After Effects community. Designed for modern motion design workflows, these presets save you time on the techniques you use most, so you don’t have khổng lồ start from scratch or can create quick animations. Plus, the composition presets now include sizes for social truyền thông output.